Broadcast, Podcast or both? Explained

The difference between a podcaster and a broadcaster is that a broadcaster is doing a regularly scheduled network talk show that airs on either BBS Radio Station #1 or Station #2. The broadcaster is held to a set schedule they cannot deviate from, unless they notify the station in advance. They have the benefit of being listed as a live BBS Radio broadcaster throughout our network, which makes their programs highly visible, especially when airing live because all that information shows up at the very top of the home page and station pages.

All broadcasters are automatically considered podcasters and receive all podcasting features complimentary. If you are just a podcaster you can podcast as often as you wish....... but in order to podcast you must have audio files ready to podcast. If you do not have prior programs ready to podcast you can always use our on-demand broadcasting services to create new podcasts to then enter into the system. Podcasting is free too our Broadcasters! Detailed information can be found within the two pages linked below:

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