$ 69

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10% Discount for 52 weeks
Purchase a 52 week show lot (period) and you'll receive a 10% discount per show.

5% Discount for 24 weeks
5% Discount for 24 weeks

Quantity Units = Weeks. Show slots are sold in lots of 4 weeks to allow for proper Radio Show Programming. You can purchase up to 52 weeks in advance. If you buy 24 weeks or more you will obtain a 5% discount, if you buy 52 weeks, you obtain a 10% discount and you also will not have to pay extra for any price increases during this period.

If you wish to have a show every second week, please contact us directly for details.


You may also want our valet service: "New Account: complete setup"

We will set everything up for you so you are ready to go straight into broadcasting. This is a one off fee on opening an account. It is optionnal.

- SETUP of Profile Podcast Page and User Pages
- Show Banner Creation
- Syndication Banner Creation
- User Profile Image Creation
- Host Face Image Creation
- Audio Show Intro Creation (30-60 sec)
- Audio Show Outro Creation (30-60 sec)

You can add it to you shopping cart after you have added this product to the shopping cart by selecting it from the Radio Show Offer, submenu "New Account: complete setup"

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