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Total Hits for last year 41.5 million

If you are already a Podcaster or a Web Radio Host and are

curious about whether wider syndication and digital distribution is available.

If so, read on to see why we offer the best value for the money in the Industry.

Total Hits for last year 41.5 million

Our Mission

To get you heard by listeners throughout the world through our massive distribution and syndication network. We engineer, produce and syndicate audio and video podcasts relayed to digital distribution companies situated in 35 countries and accessed by individuals in over 207 countries.

 looking to find a better service provider of web Talk-Radio

Looking to find a better Podcast service provider

Maybe you are simply looking to find a better service provider, then you’ve definitely stumbled upon the right team! We make it easy, we make it fun, and our services can’t be beat!

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We will distribute your show to more places on the web and hence reach more listeners, than any of our competitors!

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Are you being charged too much?

Are you being charged $250/mo or more to distribute your video show? Are you being charged $125/mo or more to syndicate your audio podcasts? Are you being charged over $100/mo to have someone post material to your social sites every week?

For Podcasters at BBS Radio, this can all be taken care of for you for a very reasonable price. In fact, most our services are included in the basic plans!

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We are the best in the business

We are pioneers in this industry. Most companies cannot accomplish a fraction of what we are capable of delivering, and it would be near impossible to find a lower cost alternative (if one actually exists). In fact, we are so confident of this, we allow our hosts to cancel their subscription at any time and reimburse them whatever credit is left, no explanation necessary!

We are the best in the business, and we can prove it!

BBS Web Radio-TV in Numbers

Website unique visitors per month
Page views per month
Networks that carry our Live Station Streams
Average page views by each visitor (2018)
Countries that tune into BBS Radio's Broadcasts and Podcasts
Average minutes of listening time spent on player streams (2018)
Total Hits for last year 41.5 million

Communicating with our staff is a heart-warming experience, because we aim to be as easy as possible to communicate with.

During business hours, we are almost always available by telephone, unlike 95% of our competitors.

Below is a long list of facts about our services that put us a cut above the rest (the best).

Total Hits for last year 41.5 million

We convert your audio talk shows to video talk shows, and syndicate this to all the top video portals on the world wide web!

Total Hits for last year 41.5 million

We syndicate your talk show to over 100 of the largest podcast portals and broadcasting networks on the world wide web and around the globe, places like iHeart, Spreaker, Stitcher, iTunes, TuneIn, Google Play, Spotify, SoundCloud, Sonos, Streema, Radios, iVoox, Alexa and YouTube.

Total Hits for last year 41.5 million

We syndicate your materials to the top social sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest; yours and ours!

Our Social Media Following


Facebook Likes = 20,293


Facebook Friends = 2006


Twitter Followers = 12,100


Twitter Likes = 7441


Connections = 44,449


Pinterest Monthly Views = 20,200

Total Hits for last year 41.5 million

To accomplish the above tasks thoroughly, most companies charge an exorbitant amount per month.

Total Hits for last year 41.5 million

If it all seems too daunting, feel free to call us, so we can explain it to you, but remember, we take care of all this for you, so you can focus on sharing your message to the world, building important relationships, and interviewing your esteemed guests.

Call us 888-710-8061 toll free or directly at 323-744-4828

Included in all Plans

  • Keep all sponsorship and advertisement revenue (banner, audio, video, text or PDF, blogs) feature on your profiles and during your 55 mins show
  • Prominent display of your own donation buttons & payment links
  • Intuitive web administration console to display your information
  • Highly customizable program, profile & show pages: Modify, delete, publish and unpublish. With online help manuals
  • Add audio tracks, commercials and promos to profile pages
  • Add and embed videos to almost all content pages
  • Add up to 10 graphic banner ads with hyperlinks (ads, show promos, books) on your profile pages
  • Moderate comments & add listener feedback and feature it
  • Submit blogs and articles with social site integration and syndication feeds
  • Add downloadable doc, txt, pdf files and other text type documents to profile pages
  • Any new content you create will be featured in our Newsroom
  • Accurate and dynamic stats with Custom Dashboard and Statistics
  • Featured guests have complete social site sharing and syndication feeds
  • Subscribable RSS feeds created for all content types
  • Meta Tag control for maximum search engine optimization
  • Thousands of background tracks for audio production
  • Shared or exclusive rights to created content
  • Live customer service 7 days a week

Podcasting & Syndication Only Plans

Audio & Video


  • Audio Podcasting and Syndication
  • Video Podcasting and Syndication
  • Audio & Video Podcasting and Syndication
  • Submit to Become A Guest
  • Audio Editing on Delivered Podcast
  • Viideo Editing on Delivered Podcast
  • Your 30secs. Ad clips aired 3-6 times daily
  • Account database size limits
  • Add Extra New Shows for Podcasting & Syndication


  • $59.00 / month
  • +$20 / month
  • +$40 / month
  • Included
  • $29.00 / One Hour Show
  • $69 / hour work time
  • Not Included
  • 10 GB
  • 4 shows of 1 hr each / mth


  • $30.00 / month
  • +$20 / month
  • +$40 / month
  • Included
  • $29.00 / One Hour Show
  • $69 / hour work time
  • Included
  • 100 GB
  • 20 shows of 1 hr each / mth

Other Facts About BBS Radio-TV

Other specialized services offered

- Automatic audio to video conversion with syndication = $5/ hour
- Transcript of video = $10 / show
- Prepare your show's description for all display placeholder including video syndication = $10 / show
- AM and FM timing editing, conversion and delivery. From audio file = $29/1 hour show. From video file = $39/1 hour show
- Audio Commercial Creation (30-90 sec)
- Featured promotion banner with weblink
- Video editing on delivered Podcast / file = $69 / hour

If you still have any questions feel free to contact us

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